Kara Scott – The all new partypoker – “we’ve barely even scratched the surface!”

Sometimes it seems like you can skip through life for ages without too many changes or big announcements and then all of the sudden, you turn a corner and a huge, wrapped parcel of them are waiting for you there, all at once. The past few months have been exactly that for me, in spades!

Aside from the big personal news; getting engaged, moving to Italy and becoming a Great Aunt for the first time (congratulations to my niece and her husband!), there has been one announcement after another from party poker HQ and all of it is exciting.

The new software

First of all, the new software. I spoke about how change can be a bit scary sometimes in one of my previous blogs so if you need a gentler introduction to the new format and features at partypoker then take a look at the video here. Even though I’m a huge lifetime loser on Words With Friends and have lost far too many hours of my life playing Plants Vs Zombies, I’m still a big fan of social gaming and I’m excited to check out all the additional features at partypoker when I’m next visiting the UK! I really hope that recreational players will be newly drawn to poker with all of its fun, social aspects. I think that getting a new demographic of players excited about this game would be fantastic.

I really believe that the new software is only the start of something great at partypoker. There is also a renewed focus and improved lines of communication with the players. There will be a roll out of new features and adjustments throughout the next few months as the HQ bods take in player feedback and I’m excited to see where it all goes!

New Jersey

Another big thing happened in New Jersey this week. The WPT and partypoker have announced a partnership with the Borgata Hotel and Casino that will include bringing the WPT Championship here this season. This is such great news for players and will be particularly good for those of us traveling from Europe as the flight and jetlag will be much less painful than heading over to the West side of the US of A. Also, the Borgata has proven its reputation as a world-class poker venue that treats its players so well that they can’t wait to come back.

Keep your eyes open!

There will be qualifiers running on the all new partypoker so keep your eyes open! On top of that, the WPT has hired the talented and extremely hard working Lynn Gilmartin to host the WPT TV coverage and in my humble opinion, she’s a great addition to the team. I ran into her briefly just before I left the Borgata for my flight back to Italy and snapped a photo – here she is looking as gorgeous & sunshine-y as ever and me with my eyes barely able to open from a long week of late nights. She’s one to watch so keep an eye out for her on the new season of the WPT.

That’s by far enough announcements for one blog but believe me when I say, we’ve barely even scratched the surface!

The all new partypoker

The all-new partypoker.com has arrived, marking a significant first step in the integration of social features into the real money gaming environment. The latest release is jam-packed with exciting new features and a fresh look, logo and interface, mixing the best of the old with the new in a player-friendly environment.

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